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About Me

My name is Sophie Simpson and I am the designer behind What Delilah Did. I live and work in a small farm cottage in Norfolk, England, where I create needlework patterns inspired by history and nature.

When I'm not working, you will find me exploring the countryside on foot, wandering around old houses, or curled up under a blanket watching a period drama.

I love making of all kinds - from knitting and sewing to basketry and ceramics - but nothing beats a little cross-stitch when you need a quiet moment of contemplation. Gentler on the wrists than most crafts, I thoroughly recommend trying it, should you need a break from the world around you.

I hope my patterns will provide solace from the bustle of daily life while you focus on the calm and gentle images you are stitching. Light a candle, curl up in your favourite chair, and let the sweet simplicity of each little stitch help to soothe your soul.